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Multi Award-winning Marketplace Start-up Enviromate Relaunches

LONDON, March 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Scaling its Circular Economy based mission to reduce, reusable Construction & DIY Waste. 

Today marks the relaunch of peer-to-peer marketplace start-up, a new impact venture that keeps surplus and reusable materials from the construction and DIY industries out of the waste stream.

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Founded at the beginning of 2015 by two disruptive innovators and UK Eco-Entrepreneurs Reiss Salustro-Pilson and Nigel Van Wassenhoven, whose belief that business should be a force of good whilst collectively protecting our planet by shaping our ecological impact through building businesses that work and collaborate for the good of both humanity and nature.

As an alternative to the linear economy of "take, make and dispose", the revamped Enviromate marketplace makes it easy to recirculate, redistribute and reuse materials that would otherwise end up in the skip. It's open to anyone - from tradesmen
to DIY enthusiasts - and allows users to buy or sell anything from a few tins of paint to pallets of bricks, timber and roof tiles.

Users can sign up for Free or Premium - premium members get exclusive partner discounts, unlimited image uploads and 3 free listing bumps per month. From there one can explore items for sale locally or nationally on the marketplace, watch items and connect with other members through messaging. Selling is just as simple as browsing for materials; simply take a photo of the items, enter a description, price and simply list it on the marketplace. If the item doesn't sell straight away, Enviromate Ad Bump boosts the listing straight back to the top of the marketplace to increase chances of selling the item - one can even create wanted ads to the community if there is something that one can't find throughout the listings.

The platform also connects larger developers to community projects and charities that could benefit from their surplus materials. 'Enviromate Donate' is a separate area that lets communities and charities list projects with material requirements, so a developer or wholesaler with a larger amount surplus can match their unwanted materials to a suitable project.'s founders have been dubbed "industry disruptors" for revolutionising the construction and DIY sector and tackling an industry that is the largest contributor to waste globally. Whilst within the UK alone equates to 32% of all landfill waste using over 420million tonnes of material per year generating 120m tonnes of waste over half reusable. It is estimated that 13% of that material ends up within the waste stream without ever being used, with a value of over £1.5 billion.

Reiss Salustro-Pilson, Co-Founder & CEO, said:

"We're in the business of embracing change. We have developed an innovative, vertical marketplace to help build the world of tomorrow. Harnessing and embracing the rise of both digital technology and sharing economy principles to help propel the growth of the circular economy. Where reusable material is kept out of the waste stream and value is not destroyed; instead, it's preserved and also created, through the sharing and trading of under-utilised resources." 

Enviromate is a completely self-funded platform with growth of over 15,000 members across the UK. Winners at 2016's P.E.A Sustainability Awards, Pioneer of The Year and most recently The Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Eco Entrepreneur of the Year Natwest Boost Award. To date over 4,000 tonnes of material has been reused on the marketplace and kept out of the waste stream - enough to fill over four Olympic swimming pools with a value of close to £1m. This coupled with over 20 charities and community projects  across the country, benefiting from national developers donating larger surplus through the platform seeing the benefit of waste reduction and increased corporate social responsibility. Showing the Enviromate brand's ethos of having a real positive and disruptive impact is well underway in the UK and with international expansion plans opening exciting prospects of delivering a tangible global impact.

People, Environment, Achievement Award Judges;  

"The best online portal for the sharing of unwanted building materials, helping to make the building sector more circular. A real boost for reuse in a sector with so much waste." 


Enviromate is the multi-award winning, closed loop marketplace start-up where people connect to buy, sell or donate leftover building materials. Helping build a future where we share, upcycle and reuse surplus. Reducing the impact the industry has on our environment and building toward a more circular economy. Say hello at | T @Enviromate_UK | FB

SOURCE Enviromate

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