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Guian New Area Sees Miraculous Growth Over Past 3 Years, with A Focus on Big Data

GUIYANG, China, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Guian New Area, a national-level economic zone launched three years ago in Guizhou province, achieved total production capacity worth 11.07 billion yuan, with the miraculous growth fueled by big data businesses.

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Total size of the big data business in Guian New Area exceeded 25 billion yuan in 2016, doubling the previous year's number, having attracted investments from global giants including Foxconn, Qualcomm and Huawei.

Investors are drawn by the government's policy support. Approved by China's State Council in 2014, Guian New Area has been chosen as one of China's pilot zones for developing the country's big data industry.

Many investment projects have already started production in the New Area's tariff-free zone, including industrial parks built by Foxconn Technology Group and Shenzhen Same Information Industry Co, while more projects will be completed soon.

In 2016, the Taiwanese technology giant Foxconn Technology Group produced 6.4 million yuan worth of handsets, 5.83 million video game controllers, and 180,000 Nano touch screens, representing a combined business value of 1.086 billion yuan, or combined end value worth 8.937 billion yuan

Another milestone is the world-class partnership with U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm. In January, 2016, Qualcomm created a joint venture with the Guizhou government to develop advanced chipsets for servers. The JV, Guizhou Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology, has set up its headquarters in Guian New Area.    

The gathering of big data resources in Guian New Area has also fueled sector concentration, making the area a magnet for big data businesses of all size, and in all sections of the value chain. 

China's top three telecom operators - China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom, have all completed construction of the first phase of their data centers, and have put them into operation. The second phase of the projects by China Telecom and China Unicom will launch soon.

Tech firms including HTC, Sowei, Inspur have also launched their projects in Guian New Area, while more projects are in the pipeline, including Huawei's global data center and Apple's Asia Pacific data center.

Boosted by big data business, local healthcare industry embraces new era of remote disease prediction and shows a positive impact already.

The world's first center to showcase how big data can be applied to improve medical treatment and benefit patients has launched by Guian New Area. By collecting patients' data from hospitals across Guizhou, and through datamining, and deep learning by artificial intelligence (AI), it would be possible to predict, diagnose and analysis diseases more precisely, making disease prevention more effective, and medical treatment more targeted, and precise. 


Guian New Area is located between Guiyang and Anshun, Southwest China's Guizhou province. The planned area of 1,795km2 covers 20 towns or townships of four counties (or county-level cities or districts) in the two cities. It is one of the five new areas developed under China's Western Development Program and the eighth national-level new area in China.

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